About Us

Vision- ‘Teach a man to fish’ is a famous proverb which rightly underscores the importance of Skill Development in the society. But ‘which fish to catch’ is equally if not more important. Since right skills and aptitude empower the ability of a person to comprehensively exploit his talent and ambition in a focused way. Selection of right career becomes one of the most important decisions that a person takes in his life time. The earlier this decision is taken in life, required skills can be acquired to achieve unprecedented success. Our vision is to create such an informed and focused society in our country so that each person works to his optimum capacity in a happy and conducive environment.

 We provide guidance and support needed for students aspiring rewarding careers.   Our main aim is to help candidates choose a field which is in sync with their skills and abilities they possess and their job expectations. The assessments highlight their interests and outline their strengths and weakness, guiding them to their desired career path. We believe in helping the students keep the right mental attitude and suggest smart personalized counselling techniques for career growth based on personality type, career values, and interests.


Aim- We aim to empower our youth to rightly assess their aptitude, personality, career values and interests with scientific psychometric tests and psychological counselling to choose the correct career path for themselves. 

About The Counsellor

Mrs Geeta Pande is a counseling psychologist with wide experience in the field of counselling. She has worked with the Psychiatric Department of a leading hospital in Lucknow as a psychological counsellor. She also worked with an NGO dealing with marital counselling and another NGO dealing with the upliftment of poor girl students in remote areas of Uttrakhand as the counsellor. She has also worked as a volunteer at one of the orphanages in Maharashtra. She played a meaningful role by helping children to maximize potential by providing them with much-needed confidence. She is a certified career counsellor, has guided and coached many of students. She is a passionate psychologist, has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of human psychology. She understands the requirement of the individual and takes the utmost care in providing them to discover their true potential and interest, guiding them to their desired career path.


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